Functional Medicine Therapy - Discover how your body speaks to you
What is involved in a typical session?
   We begin with the initial consult, in your environment, where we piece together your unique history, genetics, and lifestyle conditions that brought you to the current moment.  We will consider such things as environmental toxin exposure, condtions during your gestation before your birth, and will assess the function of numerous body systems.  Recent bloodwork results are helpful but not necessary and often recommendations for future bloodwork are made.  We will have enough information gathered during this discovery process for a picture to emerge as to how you got to the current "you" and what systems can be improved, leading to a better "you". You will be given a tailored treatment plan utilizing the outlined therapies (see home page).
   After this, follow- up sessions are very individualized and may include anything from Yoga Therapy, guided relaxation, mindfulness instruction, meditation, pain management, massage, guidance in managing your pantry and meal planning, cooking lessons, a field trip guiding you through healthier choices at your favorite market...the possibilities are endless.  Robin's vast clinical training and highly respected credentials meet with a lifelong immersion in mind-body science, eastern philosophy, and yoga studies.  The new shift that is beginning to take hold in western medicine is not new to her.  She has utilized integrative techniques beginning in early childhood and married that orientation with a solid, credentialed foundation as a western medical professional.  This enables you to have a true partner, intelligently addressing the whole of you, as you invite a healthier state of being.
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